Xbat-A Self-Powered Lighting Arm-Bag

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  • Xbat-A is a lighting arm bag for sport.
  • LEDs is powered by vibration energy harvesting No battery dynamo.
  • When an user is moving slowly/slightly, Xbat-A will generate lighting automatically.
  • No More battery, no more USB charging and auto On/Off.
  • Transparent screen of Xbat-A support touch screen, but not support inpone 7 or up pressure sensor.


  • For jogging, used for cell phone storage during jogging or walking
  • Vibration energy harvesting dynamo integrated (water proof)
  • Water proof, Auto On/Off

Size: M (For Iphone 6) 、L (For Iphone 6 plus)
Weight: 50g Waterproof: IPX6

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iPhone 6, iPhone 6+

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